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EnterprisEdgeâ„¢ is a series of seminars that help individuals, organisations and business owners to learn and develop Vision, Business and Career capacity to improve their lives and organisational performance.
Seminar Outline

It is a two-day event that delivers unparalleled insights into key critical issues affecting individuals and organisations.

Leadership & Organisational Productivity Consultant

Vision Management - Workplace Attitude - Mentoring
Business Mastery - Talent Management

Whether your goals are bringing product and service innovations to the marketplace, serving communities or nations, creating new wealth, or just getting better and better at your brand, it is clear that our leadership calling is to forge new paths- to lead the way, embracing new faces, cultures, and a broad array of differences in order to fully participate in the opportunities of the 21st century.

You can see examples in the history and success stories of enduring global corporations like IBM, HP and General Electric of the United States , Kyocera Corporation of Japan, just to name a few. Each of them built success upon deeply held beliefs and values about people, striving to create an environment of mutual respect.
Today, leading corporations are expanding their focus on diversity and inclusion worldwide. Their purpose , which touches every organization today, is to attract and retain multicultural, multitalented workforces and to connect and serve a multitude of new customers in emerging unexplored markets, reaching people, places and potentials that will ensure their continued business success.


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