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EnterprisEdge™ is a series of seminars that help individuals, organisations and business owners to learn and develop Vision, Business and Career capacity to improve their lives and organisational performance.
Seminar Outline

It is a two-day event that delivers unparalleled insights into key critical issues affecting individuals and organisations.

Extensive research and practical experience with industry players provides the foundation of every Seminar programme ensuring that each attendee leaves the seminar with relevant information and skills that can be put into immediate use for personal or organisational transformation.

Our contents stimulate discussion of fundamental issues through visionary and relevant keynote presentations, real-life case studies and interactive sessions.

The programmes are structured in four parts as follows:

1. Vision+
2. Before You Lose It™
3. Start-Up Africa™
4. EnterprisEdge™ plus

1. Vision+
This is designed to help individuals and corporate organisations understand the concept of vision, its applications and management.

Subject areas include:

a. Vision Anatomy
b. Vision Management
c. Vision Applications
d. Vision and Strategic Growth
e. Building corporate and financial capacity
f. Managing a global business

This programme is for the following categories:

a. MD/CEOs
b. Corporate Executives
c. Management Staff
d. Business owners
e. NGOs and Faith Based Organisations

2. Before You Lose that Job(TM)

This is a work-through on the book “Before You Lose that Job,” which is the first of Before You Lose It series. This is a self mastery programme that enables corporate employees to take a holistic assessment of their present jobs with a view to finding lasting career fulfilment as well as financial security. Course contents include:

a. Job loss, experiences and Impacts
b. The Making of A Great Career
c. Hard Truths about Your Job
d. Corporate Traps
e. Money Talks and Plan B
f. Burden of Preparation
g. Making Career transitions from employee to employer
h. Work-Place Attitude
• Self-Mastery
• Emotional Intelligence
• Executive intelligence
• Relationship Management
• Motivation
• Team Competence
• Culture and ethics
• Passionplus
• Vision
• Mentorship


a. Corporate Employees
b. Officers
c. Business Managers
d. Senior Managers
e. Corporate Executives
f. CEOs

g. Employees planning a career transition or retirement
h. Employees who have suffered a job loss

3. Start-Up Africa(TM)

This is an entrepreneurial programme to guide individuals and SMEs from the initial stage of idea conception, to establishment and phased growth management of the business. Course contents include:

a. Understanding critical requirements for a new business
b. Generating Business Ideas
c. Selling your dreams and dealing with obstacles
d. Working Capital ( Raising Capital)
e. Evaluation of Business Plans
f. Building perception to become reality
g. Common Mistakes of new businesses
h. Financial Intelligence for Business Start-ups
i. Leveraging Technology in Business
j. Bootstrapping
k. Business expansion and diversification


a. Budding Entrepreneurs
b. New Business owners
c. SMEs
d. Venture capitalist

5. EnterprisEdge(plus)
This is an orientation programme for Nigerians in Diaspora planning a career transition to Nigeria. Subject areas covered include:
a. Understanding the Nigerian employment/Business environment
b. Leveraging foreign exposure and higher education to secure a dream job upon transition to Nigeria
c. Vision+
d. Understanding critical requirements for a new business
e. Financial Intelligence for Business Start-ups
f. Bootstrapping a new business

a. Graduates of foreign universities who desire to start a business or secure employment in Nigeria
b. Nigerians in diaspora planning a career transition to Nigeria.

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